Jobs of the week: December 16, 2016

Networking: this is the magic word.

I am sure we all heard it. Yet we still apply for jobs the ‘regular’ way. I do both. Do you know what else I do? I cold-call (‘cold-email’ actually) people who work in my field of interest and I ask for informational interviews. It works with some people, others are just too busy. But if you can sip a coffee or talk over lunch with a person who has the final decision on who gets hired, go for it! You might want to read this article too.

If you have some experience in education policy you might be interest in a consultant position with the New York City Department of Education Division of Early Childhood Education.  You will have to analyze data and produce reports to help policy development, among other things.For more details about the position and how to apply, click here.

If you have fundraising skills and experience, you might be interested in a position with the Centre for Education and Development (CED), a non-governmental organization established in 1992 in Mogadishu. CED is seeking a Funding and Donor Relations Manager. The position will report to CED Program Director and will be based in Nairobi, Kenya with frequent travel to Somalia. You will prepare and design high quality concept papers, project proposals and identify sources of funding for new programs, assist if needed in drafting and editing project/programme proposals in coordination with progamme staff and advise and provide guidance, including (on-the-job) training to program staff on the process of developing high quality project proposals, among other tasks. For more details about the position and how to apply, click here.

Good luck, fellow job seekers, and until next week!


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