Jobs of the week: October 14, 2016

Just the other week, I was reading about Intel’s social scientist, Dr. Genevieve Bell, anthropologist and decided to look for jobs in the tech industry that require our people and data management skills.

TEKsystems is looking for a Technical Support Analyst to support one of their largest clients in Charleston, South Carolina. You will be responsible for supporting clients with proprietary software product, and training them; you will help to improve training and will develop FAQ documentation for proprietary software product. For more details on how to apply, click here.

If you are “ready to seize an opportunity to work with Microsoft’s most established customers, advising and supporting their executives with the planning and realization of key digital transformation initiatives focused on the value created with digital technologies”, the Digital Advisor position, within Microsoft’s Digital Advisory Services, is a unique career opportunity for you! What does a Digital Advisor do?

“• Create the customer’s Book of Dreams – You guide customers as they re-imagine and document their end-to-end digital transformation journey.

• Lead the Dream Team – You lead the creation of a digital transformation unit that includes the Microsoft and customer team that will make it happen.

• Enable the Digital Dream Factory – You ensure that the organization creates an ongoing lab – a portable source of services that continues the digital transformation process throughout the company.”

You would be working in Brisbane, Australia. For more details on how to apply, click here.


Good luck, fellow job seekers, and until next week!


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