Jobs of the week: August 5, 2016

“Humans are weird, wonderful, and irrational. How do we help them to change their at-work behavior in ways that will make them feel smarter and more productive?” (Microsoft Careers Page)

Have an anthropologist help you with that, of course!

I was searching for user experience jobs where our anthropological research skills could be put to good use and I came across the quote above, an intro for a Senior Design Researcher position with Microsoft. I had to share it with you. The position is based in San Francisco, CA and it requires at least five years of experience. You will be using  “a bunch of methods” (interviewing, ethnography, competitive product analysis, and asking good questions of big data, to name a few) to figure out what the next big customer needs and product opportunities are. For more details and how to apply, click here.

If you have 10+ years of experience in research and evaluation, preferably in the public health and HIV fields, and a masters degree in social sciences , Pact is hiring a Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) Advisor in Zambia. For more details and how to apply, click here.

Good luck, fellow job seekers, and until next week!



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