Jobs of the week: July 15, 2016

I was sipping my espresso and reading my book in a coffee shop on the shore of Lake Atitlán when someone tried to strike a conversation. He asked to see the book I was reading. It just so happens that it was an ethnographic methods book so he asked me what my profession is.

“I am an anthropologist.”

“So you study bugs too?”

“No, I am an anthropologist, not an entomologist.”

He then proceeded to tell me he was studying insects and had a hard time finding out what local people knew about insects and how important they thought they were for the balance of the ecosystem.

“Well, then, why don’t you do a free list and a pile sorts to begin with?” I told him and then I let him skim through the chapters of my book that detailed these methods.

Aren’t we, anthropologist versatile? I thought to myself. We can apply our research skills to pretty much every field that works, even remotely, with people.


And since we’re talking about versatility, parlez-vous français? If you do speak French and have a masters degree in social sciences along with research experience in conflict management and local governance, you might be interested in an International Consultant position in Central African Republic with Lawyers Without Borders. Your task will be to do a diagnostic of the justice system in four territories in CAR. You will have 45 days to conduct the study, between the months of September and October 2016. More details about the job here.

If working abroad is not something you would like to do, the Independent Evaluation Group is hiring an evaluation Analyst in Washington, D.C. You will “participate in large sector and thematic evaluations and learning products for assessing the development effectiveness of World Bank Group assistance including investment/lending, advisory/AAA and/or guarantee projects supported by WB, IFC or MIGA.” Apply here before July 27, 2016.

Good luck, fellow job seekers, and until next week!




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